Nasik kumbha Mela 2015

At Nasik Kumbha Mela to bathtub within the holiest stream Ganga.Bathing within the holy waters at this auspicious time is alleged to scrub away your karmic debt.Therefore, it’s virtually a road to non secular liberation (moksha), the liberation from the cycle of birth and death.Mentions are created concerning the Kumbha Mela within the Brahma Purana and Hindu deity Purana,which clearly state that someone Who performs the showering ceremony throughout the month of Magh at(Nasik) derives manifold advantages, that surpasses the reward obtained by performing arts various Ashvamedha ritual.

The Events and Rituals Offered at Kumbha Mela the key event of the competition is ritual bathing at the banks of the stream Ganga. alternative activities embody non secular discussions, pious singing, mass feeding of holy men and girls and also the poor, and non secular assemblies wherever doctrines are debated and standardized. Kumbh Mela is that the most sacred of all the pilgrim’s journey.
Teertham: The Journey Of Life–
Akhadas Kumbh Mela is that the largest gathering of individuals for a spiritual purpose within the world. countless individuals gather on completely different places for this auspicious occasion. Kumbha may be a Sanskrit word for Pitcher, generally observed because the Kalasha. It is conjointly a zodiac sign up Indian pseudoscience for Aquarius, the sign beneath that the competition is well known, whereas Mela suggests that ‘a Gathering’ or ‘a meet’, or just a good. Famous ancient soul was the primary to say Kumbha Mela in his diary. His diary mentions the celebration of seventy five days of Hindu Month Of Magha (January-February), that witnessed  1,000,000 fan together with Sadhus, Common Man, made and far-famed, and Kings.
For each web site Kumbha Mela comes in each twelve years. every site’s celebration relies on specific region positions of The sun, the moon, and Jupiter . The holiest time occurring at the precise moment these region conditions ar consummated.Bathing at this moment is believed to come up with the best non secular benefit, however the Kumbh time is considered being therefore holy that alternative bathing days are selected weeks or maybe months before and when this climatically time.
Different beliefs, completely different camps. (Akharas):–
Akhaara’s came into existence with Adiguru Shankracharya establishing seven Akhara Mahanirvani, Niranjani, Juna, Atal, Avahan, Hindu deity Associate in Nursingd Anand Akhara with an aim to strengthen the Hindu faith and unite those active completely different rituals, customs and beliefs.
Akharas ar divided into completely different camps per the idea of God they worship. Shiva Akharas for followers of Lord Shiva, Hindu or Vairagi Akhara for followers of Lord Hindu deity and Kalpwasis for followers of Lord Brahma



Main Akhara’s:–
1. Akhadas of Sanyasees:–

Shri Taponidhi Niranjani Akhada Panchayati
Shri Panchayati Anand Akhada
Shri Panchadashnam Juna Akhada
Shri Panch Ahvan Akhada
Shri Agni Akhada
Shri Panchayat Akhada Mahanirvani
Shri Panch Atal Akhada

2. Akharas of Bajrangi:–

Shri Nirvani Akhada
Shri Digambar Akhada
Shri Nimrohi Akhada

3. Akharas of Nirmal:–

Shri Panchayati Akhada
Shri Udasin Panchayati Naya Akhada
Shri Nirmal Panchayati Akhada

Exchanging Knowledge:–
(A brief description about the series of events at Kumbh.)
Kumbh is meeting point of saints with common people. Gurus meet their disciple.
Saint meets other saint and shares his Knowledge.
Exchange of views on religious matter.
Many Disciples are initiated during Kumbh.
Its presumed that religious many books were compiled at kumbh
Activities at Kumbh.

Snan Tithi: General masses take dip in river on specific dates.
Snan DatesShahi peshwai of Shaivaite akhada August 14, 2015
1st Shahi Snan – August 29, 2015 ( Shravan Purnima)
2nd Shahi Snan – Sept 13, 2015
3rd Shahi Snan Sept 29,2015


The Events and Rituals Offered at Kumbha Mela
The major event of the kumbha festival is ritual bathing at the banks of the river Ganges, Jamuna (Yamuna), and Sarasvati. Other activities include religious discussions, devotional singing, mass feeding of holy men and women and the poor, and religious assemblies where doctrines are debated and standardized. Kumbha Mela Nasik is the most sacred of all the pilgrimage.

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