Ranthambore Hotels and Resort

Ranthambore Hotels and Resorts

The Ranthambore tiger reserve is a most favorite destination for local and foreign tourists. Besides being one of the best national parks around, it is home to much variety of animals, birds and reptiles. However, wildlife doesn’t have to end with a jeep and canter safari. Ranthambore hotels are well-known for their hospitality, luxury services and also for the overseas tourist experience that never fails to thrill. Book your stay at any one of these well-known Ranthambore hotels.

Ranthambore Tourism website – are a common platform for all the resorts and hotels around the Ranthambore Tiger Reserve. People around the world can find information on all hotels and resorts in Ranthambore tiger reserve like their Tariff, location, photographs, amenities, services, grading, distance from the entrance gate of tiger reserve and from the Railway station. The Ranthambore tiger reserve is an appealing unites of history and wildlife. Inside the park is an alarming fort that was build in the 10th century and coveted by many monarchs due to its planned position between north and central India.

The highly selective Ranthambore hotel prides itself on being a wildlife resorts Sher Vilas which takes its errands towards preserving the environment seriously. It is located in an Eco-sensitive zone and the hotel stay green by using recycled water and also by harvest rain water on its three and a half acre land. Guests can choose from 12 deluxe rooms, 14 tented bungalows and two cottages; each which has been designed to portray an exclusive look. A stylish dining room, a stunning bar and safaris to the park are a few services obtainable by the Ranthambore Sher Vilas Resort.

The park itself is located at the joining of the Vindhya Plateau and the Aravali Hills, and is characterized by rocky plains and steep cliffs. It supports a diverse range of fauna and flora, including around 48 tigers. When to Visit Ranthambore: The majority animals are seen during the hot months of March through to June, when they come out to look for water. However, it’s more relaxed to visit during the previous cooler months. Be sure to bring warm clothes if visiting during wintry weather.

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Safari Timing: The Ranthambore tiger reserve is open from sunup until sunset. A safari runs for two and a half hours from 7 a.m. and again from 2 p.m. The core zones 1-5 closes from July 1 to October 1 due to the heavy rain. However, the residual zones on the outer edge of the park stay open for Safari.

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