Pushkar Camel Fair

The Charms in Pushkar Camel Fair

Rajasthan trip is one of the most enchanted and pleased experience tours of India. During your tour to Rajasthan, you can experience a combination of colors in Rajasthani civilization and festival. One of the most well-known and vibrant festival of Rajasthan is Pushkar Camel Fair. It is celebrated in a sacred city Pushkar which is located a few miles away in the north of Ajmer. Pushkar means lotus and as the name indicates the city is situated on the bank of a Pushkar lake. The town is situated on the top of a hill and bordered by the sandy dunes.

Normally, Pushkar welcomes small but incessant number of travelers for its stylish temples and astonishing. But once in a year in the month of November when there is the full moon in the sky, there are thousands of people visiting the shrine as pilgrimage. Now the Pushkar Fair is an internationally renowned fair. It is one of the most spirited, colorful and old fair in the world. The Pushkar Fair is also mentioned in the two thousand year old Mahabharata which proves that Pushkar Fair is India’s most ancient fair. Thousands of pilgrims came to Pushkar to bathe only on that auspicious day and this tradition is being followed from many years.

This fair begins on the Kartik Shukla Ekadashi and lasts for five days up till Kartik Purnima. The days till the fair lasts, the town is converted in to a ground having a number of stalls selling each and every item of domestic use and adornment. You will find a wide range of domestic stuff here which is of daily use. The visitors visiting here cannot run away themselves from the amazing and exciting experience as you will find every item in each stall from decoration items of cattle to a woman. The combination of different colours of the fair with the golden sand, the stimulation, delightful pleasure and the confidence and eagerness of the villagers is a exclusive mixture and a pleased understanding for every traveler.

Apart from the religious thing, Pushkar Camel Fair is also known for Cattle Fair. The villagers from all over the states come here with their animals to sell them. Here the cattle like Camels, Donkeys, Horses, Bulls etc are decorated and sold. Side by side the Pushkar Lake is flooded with the pilgrims for the holy actions. The other main event of the fair is Camel Sport. It starts from the Camel race. The camels are well painted and then make to run. Then there is an event named musical chair. This game is a wonderful game to visit as you can enjoy good-looking camel playing musical chair. In this game, as the music stops, the camel has to fix their neck between the sticks hanging there. These camels are guided by their owner through a silken beautiful chord tied to its nose ring. After that there is a game of tying the huge and colourful turbans of the local males who has arrived there to sell their animals or any other decorative apparatus.

Generally, the things sold in the fair are stunning bangles, pleated Ghaghara’s, and other handsome jewellery, like anklets, necklaces, woolen blankets, brass-ware, textiles, ropes, saddles and other family use articles. You will take pleasure in a lot during the most famed fair of India.

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