Hotel Sales and Promotion

To run a smooth and successful business, first and foremost you need to make a well thought out, compelling set of hotel sales and marketing strategies reinforcing all your promotional efforts. For this purpose, hotel consultants are the perfect font of knowledge who can assist you with the best solutions and ideas with a freshness and significance to your core offering.

Each consultant has immense knowledge and experience about the hotel business. They can tend to be extremely well placed for counseling on sales and marketing matters as by that stage they know each single detail about your property. First of all they start building client base and execute the plans and as soon as it gets completed they do engage with you forbuilding a brand identity focusing on how to create long term value and sustainable outcomes.

There are few marketing plans that boost up the business but the impact remains only for a short span. A responsible hotel consultant always thinks about the growth and development of your business for a long term. They ensure for a consistence result with their skill and knowledge. Well, now do not think to jump heights of success as soon as you hire one. Any sales and marketing strategy employed will be for your hotel as a long term investment by these experts which you can witness with due course of time.

The consultants mostly apply the basic rule to align your brand with what the local market responds to so that it let you stand above your competitors in the market. The hotel sales and marketing strategies are generally gleaned from in depth exposure and the assembly of market intelligence. As soon as the strategy is developed, the execution process is aided by regular visits and conversations between management, owners and of course the consultants. By following all these processes, goals are easily achieved and even if you find some sort of fall, it can be sorted out easily. Therefore, make sure you hire the excellent consultants who have a great knowledge and experience in the domain so that you can attain your objectives.

Online Sales Office

We automate the whole Online Sales process including handling the Leads, one to one sales support, processing the advance payments, Billing, commission settlement and back office work. Therefore Hotels are completely relieved from the Online Sales process and can concentrate on Operations.

Website solutions

A hotel website is the doorway to hotel revenue. A hotel's website must represent the brand or the property to the browser just as the hotel is presented to the guest. A good website is the foundation to high volumes of online revenue.

Website Redesign

Already have a website that's not generating revenues for you? Send it to us…and we'll help you redesign it keeping your image and ultimate goal in mind.

Search Engine Marketing and improving Visibility

A good website with the capability of making an online reservation but which cannot be found on the internet is as good as a hotel with no directions to the location. Once your hotel website is optimized for search engines visitors will find it easier to look up your hotel while making their online travel plans. Visibility is enhanced by professionally running the paid campaigns on various search engines and listing the Property on several regional and national Online Travel Portals.

Online reservations capability

A good website without the capability of making an online reservation for the visitors of the site is as good as a hotel without a reservations department. TME Hotels and Resorts offers a variety of options to choose from when it comes to an online reservations system. We recommend systems based on the business processes of the property and the nature of requirement.

Email and SMS Marketing

Over the period we have developed a huge database of large and small Travel Agents, Tour Operators, Hotel booking companies etc which is efficiently utilized to send regular E-mailers and News Letters. Infact SMS (short messaging services) has beencome out to be a great tool to post “updates”, we have the technology and expertise to utilize this opportunity.